I remember the first time I saw Dorfus CrackTractor. It was 1969 at the Hollywood Bowl. They were opening for Henry Mancini. I’d never heard Dorfus CrackTractor before, but why were they opening for Mancini?

Yeah, I’d never heard them, but I’d heard of them. Playing to sold-out shows in Chicago and Dallas, as well as for anyone they thought had waited too long at the bus station. Their reputation was disruptive. Oh, sure, all bands trash hotel rooms, but how Dorfus CrackTractor got that ’57 Dodge pickup on the 7th floor of the Waldorf is still a mystery.

When they played, any thought of Mancini drifted out of my head, curled up under a sink in the public toilet and cried itself to sleep.

They were electricity. They were a Saturn V rocket. They were nuclear fission without all that toxic sludge.

When Mancini came on stage, we were still screaming for Dorfus CrackTractor to play one more song, but there was probably beer in their dressing room so they weren’t going anywhere.

Then Mancini starts with “Baby Elephant Walk.”

“Baby Elephant Walk?” After Dorfus CrackTractor lulled us into a false sense of security with “Red House” then slapped us silly with “Strange Brew?” No, “Baby Elephant Walk” wasn’t what this crowd wanted to hear. We started throwing things at the stage. Programs, wine bottles, folding chairs and each other.

Somebody called the cops, but I was already gone. I wanted no more of Henry Mancini. The next time I saw a “Peter Gunn” rerun, I flipped off the TV.

I lost Dorfus CrackTractor after that. Maybe it was because of the war. Maybe it was because of “Barbarella.” Maybe it was all that mescaline and cheap vodka I ingested in the '70s that made me think H.R. Puffinstuff was stealing my garbage. Maybe it was all three. I just knew something was missing in my life ... and not just my garbage.

Then, last fall, I rediscovered Dorfus CrackTractor. I was on my eighth Pabst Blue Ribbon at Mike's Sports Bar when they took the stage. I knew it was them when they played “She’s a Jar.”

Dorfus CrackTractor still rocked. I can’t wait to hear them again.

Now. I just wish one of them would give me back my wallet.


From Afghanistan: "These guys are really taking off with the warlords. Dorfus CrackTractor is my favorite band!"
- First  Lt. Dale A. McCurdy



Hey, Here's the 12.00 for a t-shirt. I've been meaning to get one for some time now. I turned my brother on to your website back when the Guitar Store opened. He'll want a CD when they're available. The only reason I mention tht is it's further proof that your band is Nationwide Phenomena because he lives in Virginia. 

Rock on - Steve Fowler, Wichita


From Houston, TX: "Great shirts, here's $24, send me two more!" 
- Steve Clarke, Martina McBride's brother


After playing the Presidential Welcome and  Induction Party for the Kansas Osteopathic Society on April 28th, 2005: "An excellent time! Except they charged all their stuff to my room" 
- R.W. Meador, President of the Kansas Osteopathic Society. 


Christmas Party December 1, 2004: "Nice job guys. Everyone had a fantastic time."
- John W. Nixon, Real Estate and Auctioneer


Junefest Car and Bike Show on June 4th 2005: "You guys are hired for next year. It was awesome!"
- Tim Wortman, event sponsor.


Block Party in Wichita, KS on June 11th, 2005: "Everyone had a blast. Dorfus CrackTractor rocks!"
- Dr. Andrew Roy in Hot Chickoslovokia


Mike's Sports Bar on February 4, 2006
"What happends at Dorfus CrackTractor, stays with Dorfus CrackTractor." 

- Deb Kolb, Area Chamber of Commerce Manager


Junefest, June 3rd, 2006 - Medicine Lodge
"Hell no, we won't go!"
- The crowd.....


110 N. Main - P.O. Box 127
Medicine Lodge, KS 67104