Left to Right: Kevin, David & Justin


DAVID FASGOLD - First Chair Lead Guitar and Vocals. David has a cool name. "Fasgold" What else needs said? David is a full-time musician in the Oklahoma City area and a music instructor. He's a car enthusiast, dirtbike rider, video gamer, cat lover, thinker,  husband to Tonya "Yoko" Fasgold and father to Benjamin David Fasgold. David is a Pink Floyd fan to the core. David dreams songs and can sing them the next day. Fun Fact: David has webbed toes.

KEVIN NOLAND - First Chair Lead Bass Player and Vocals. Kevin is the publisher and owner of The Gyp Hill Premiere. Kevin is also a bail bondsman. Kevin is married to Ronda (18  years now) and has three kids: Breeann, Joey and Nicholas ( or as we call him "Mr. 20 Questions"  ). Kevin enjoys SCUBA diving, jetskis and assault rifles. Fun Fact: Kevin can play the Star Spangled Banner in his armpit and had a freak heart attack after a Halloween show in 2005. 

JUSTIN RUGG - First Chair Lead Drummer, Percussion, Vocals and Girl in the Band. Justin is a deputy for the Barber County Sheriff's Department who gives speeding tickets without discrimination. Justin is married to Dooli and has two kids: Emily and Logan. It was once said that Justin could ramp a Wonder Bread truck like nobody's business. Justin lives in the HUGE town of Hazelton, KS. It's like Venice Point - Population 86, but smaller. Justin likes killing helpless animals with his rifle, fishing and cowtipping. Fun Fact: Justin cut off parts of a couple of fingers with a meat saw.

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Kevin had this dream once......

The band had a gig in Wichita. Now I don't remember much of the actual gig, but after the gig, I remember being mad because I got stuck loading all the gear, the tractor and our band's midget. Yes, our band's midget.

This annoying little 2 foot person, wearing a suit and nice shoes, ended up being in my charge after the gig and I had to find a hotel room for the two of us and our tractor.

I went to the Hyatt downtown in Wichita. I remember pulling up out front and having to carry the midget under one arm and the tractor under the other arm. He was too short to walk up the stairs and just wouldn't stop talking about how great the gig was. Again, I couldn't remember anything about this awesome gig.

When I got up to the top of the stairs I looked up about three stories and saw a display window that had a tractor just like our tractor. It was featured with spotlights and a big sign advertising this gig that I had no recollection of. 

When I got inside the hotel and started walking over to the check in
counter, I turned and could see the tractor way up high, but out in the open with a stairway and small catwalk leading to it. The lady at the counter asked me how many rooms I wanted. I wanted two, but the midget didn't have any money, so I had to get a double bed room and I put it on my credit card. I was really pissed at Dave  and Justin for leaving me with the midget.

For some reason we didn't go to our room and the lady asked if we would like to take down the tractor in the display window. I started up the stairs with the catwalk and had to bring along the annoying midget. When I got close to the tractor, I had to scale this wall and slide over the edge to get where it was. I remember looking down and was freaked out by how high I was. I grabbed the tractor, which had a sign on it advertising our gig. I handed the tractor down to the midget on the catwalk, but he reached and reached, but couldn't quite get to it.

He said, "I can't reach it. I'm too short."

I thought about what a poor excuse that was after he gave up, turned around and jumped 2 stories to the floor below. When I looked again. I was holding the tractor standing on the edge of this wall and there was no catwalk or stairs. My only way down was to jump like the midget, but I was afraid.

The midget stood way below shouting, "Jump you baby!"

I knew I couldn't jump and that I would hurt my knees if I did, so I just threw the tractor down, crushing the midget.

Then I woke up.